How to submit XML sitemap of blog / website to Bing?


Bing is Microsoft new search engine that comes loaded with lot of features. If you run a blog or website, it is important submit XML sitemap of your blog to Bing Search. It will help Bing crawl and index your content easily and send you more traffic as a result of better indexing for different keywords.

To submit sitemap, copy and paste the following URL in your web browser. Replace with actual URL of your blog or website and press the Enter key. You will get Thankyou message and its all done.


Dont have Sitemap for your blog or website? Checkout following options based on blogging or content management system you use:

Blogger users can use default sitemap URL( Replace with actual blogger blog URL.

WordPress and other users can any of the 15+ Tools to Create Sitemap of blog or website. Create sitemap for your blog and submit to Bing for more search engine juice!



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