How to create XML Sitemap for Blogger Blog


XML Sitemap file is essential for basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of any website or blog. We have already covered exhaustive list of tools for creating website Sitemap XML file quickly. For Blogger, things are different as far sitemap file generation is concerned. Since Blogger is an online application, there are limited options for customizing its core functionality.

Default Blogger Sitemap file showing 25 latest posts

Google’s Blogger by default generate RSS and Sitemap XML files for every blogspot blog. This auto generated feature does have limitation as it only shows latest 25 posts in the XML file. Here is how you can get your Blogger XML sitemap url.

Blog URL:
RSS Feed:

Replace with your own Blogger blog URL. Then paste the sitemap url in Google Webmaster Tools for better indexing of your blog content.

Generate XML sitemap of complete Blogger blog

1. To generate XML sitemap showing all posted articles,  open this website and enter your blogger blog url. Then click on Generate Sitemap button. You should see new generated code at the top of the webpage.

online tool for creating full blogger blog sitemap

2. Copy that code and then login into your Blogger Dashboard. Goto Settings > Search Preferences option. Then click Edit button next custom robots.txt option. Then click to select Yes for “Enable custom robots.txt content” option.

blogger dashboard setting for xml sitemap robots.txt

3. Paste the copied code in the box and click Save button. Use the URL in the above generated code as your default sitemap URL for Google Webmaster tools. As such, using this code in Blogger setting should be enough to make Blogger blog generate full blog’s sitemap for indexing.



  1. It worked! Thanks a lot:)

  2. Is this posible: atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=1000 ?

  3. Surajit Ray says

    I agree … but with Google’s auto generated sitemap, only first 25 post of your blog will be indexed. So it is better to create a sitemap for SEO.

  4. Naveed Ahmed says

    I wonder if the blogger sitemap is a true picture of the total pages / urls on my blog. I have 3 pages including a page reverted to draft, but the sitemap shows only 2. Is there any solution for this because I don’t have much traffic on my blog?

  5. Thanks for the information. I had a research on how to make sitemap and this one is the best so far. Visit my blog

  6. Thanks for the useful post, was panicking about not having submitted my blogger sitemap to Google.

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  8. just rss.xml? is this sitemap? not feed?

  9. Karthick says

    Thanks its working !!!!!!

  10. bobybratu says

    what if i have a blog…but i bought a domain from blogger…ex…my blog was…and the new adress domaine name is… … do i already have a sitemap? or do i need to make one and if so how? :D sorry…i’m kind of a newby regarding sitemaps … hope u can help me out … 10x!

    • Davinder says

      If you website ‘’ is still on Blogger and you have just changed name from ‘’ to ‘’ – then sitemap will be automatically re-aligned for new web address.

  11. “As pointed by Google Webmaster Help Center, Blogger even submits Sitemap for you. So, ideally if you run a Blogger blog you don’t have to do anything.”
    In my experience, the sitemap section in your Google Webmaster remains blank until you manually submit your blog’s sitemap yourself.

  12. By default, atom.xml only contains 25 posts. If you want you increase the number of posts in your atom.xml, change your URL to:

    This will give you 100 posts. I think blogger has a limit on the number of posts in your atom.xml file, but I am not sure what it is.

    If you have more than 100 posts, simply add another URL to get the next batch:

    • Yes..Like you I also added a sitemap ( ) for 300+posts.
      But 300 posts nicely have indexed by Google,but more than 300,it is not indexing.Can you please tell me how to fix it.Thanks

  13. Don’t create sitemap for blogger and submit, because Blogger is Google’s tool.

  14. same goes wif me.. but i’ve found this interesting site than can easily create a sitemap. just fill in your blog/web add and get the sitemap add for submitting to Google Webmaster

  15. same with me, still got the error message..

  16. error too!! why??

  17. i did this but still gives me ERROR !!! tried rss.xml and atom.xml but the same error??!!!

    any help??

  18. Thanks for the tip, took me a while to understand why my other attempts were failing…

    Now I know what to do…

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    Submitting your blog to search engine confirms more traffic to your site.
    Now even Bing has launched its new Bing webmaster tools.

  20. thanks for the tip. helped me a lot.

  21. I submitted my blog,without any errors.thank you

  22. You also can use this tool for generate sitemap:

    I used it for friend’s blog

    More instruction you can find here:

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  25. These tips are really useful. ALso read few more tips at

  26. so u say that no need to submit…
    does blogger updates and submit sitemap as soon as a post is made?

  27. Im not succes can you help me????

  28. Hi,

    I tried to make it work by putting atom.xml and rss.xml, but didn’t get through. Finally I came across a blog which had the steps:

    1. Go to your url/robots.txt
    2. Copy the sitemap link and paste it in Google webmaster tool

    The url will look like:


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  37. Great post!! I was actually searching for it!! thanks for clearing all my doubts in regards to submitting sitemap for blogs

  38. hi all i need to create a sitemap for my site so i can send it to google so my blog can get indexed . i hope iam asking in the right place any ideas or sites i can get this information from thankyou

  39. Thank you for you tips.
    But it’s don’t work for my blog,I’m not understand why you tips don,t work for me but some people is OK.

    Now my blogger sitemap is active but difference for you tips,I’m would like to open share for every body please visit

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  43. Hi, Thank you for your great information. I have successfully added xml to my website

  44. Very simple article to create sitemap. Thanks! I created sitemap of my blog using this method, and it worked like a charm

  45. Thanks a lot works like charm.

  46. By default, atom.xml only contains 25 posts. If you want you increase the number of posts in your atom.xml, change your URL to:


    This will give you 100 posts. I think blogger has a limit on the number of posts in your atom.xml file, but I am not sure what it is.

    If you have more than 100 posts, simply add another URL to get the next batch:


    I hope you get the idea.

  47. Hi ! I got this idea earlier and submitted both sitemaps to Google , But it started showing errors !

    Well , one can try “atom.xml?redirect=false” in place of atom.xml !

    Also , a bad side : : it holds just 25 recent URLs and not all the posts ! God !

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