Add Read More button in Blogger blog, official jump break feature!


Blogger is churning out new features that allow blog customization without having to get dirty with template code editing. “Read More” button¬†feature is now official on Blogger as “Jump Break” No need to edit template or add extra code for that cool read more button on the Blogger blog homepage.


Ways to add Read More button in Blogger

1. In the new post editor, click on “Jump Break” icon to break the post to add read more button. No code editing, just click the button where you want read more button.


2. Alternatively, you can add read more in edit HTML mode by adding one simple tag. Add <!– more –> wherever you want to jump break the post.


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You can also customize read more tag, just head to “Layout” and then Edit the Blog Posts widget. Read more / jump break feature for sure makes Blogger more attractive platform the blog, what say? [via BloggerDraft]



  1. thanks! I was looking exactly for this info

  2. Hey bro thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’ve done this but i coudnt get the expected result. The only thing there was i got extra space at the place i’ve put jumpbreak….. could you please leave a reply for me.

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  6. Thank you so much for the info, I was searching for this.
    But i have one question is that how we insert image in the Read more od add read more button this plz tell

  7. Thanks man its working again
    it look nice to have read more feature rather than traditional blog

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  9. This is the best way of doing this as far as I know. Check this out:

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  11. Thank you so much for the info, I was searching for this.

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