How to write Blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil

English language dominate majority content on the internet. However, with spread of the internet: non-English speaking users are creating content in their native language on the internet. Now anyone can blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages using 'easy to use'

Create own Blogger templates with official designer tool

Over the years we have seen number of 3rd party sources to download and use cool Blogger templates. Finally, Blogger itself is getting into for easy customization of Blogger templates. It has launched official 'Blogger template designer' tool for quick creation of customized Blogger

Add captions to images on Blogger blog

Blogger platform has added a new feature to easily add caption to images without having to mess around with manual code in 'Edit HTML' mode. As of now, feature of adding caption to uploaded photos is only available in 'Blogger in Draft' editor. Besides showing captions, you can format

Create & add static pages on Blogger blog

Blogger has added most requested feature of adding static stand-along pages to a blog. You can use this feature to make: about us, privacy policy, advertise, contact us pages on your blogger blog. Final page can be viewed at neat URL [like:]. Being a new

Add Twitter tweetmeme button to blog / website

Promoting your blog / website content on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter improve your site profile and send more visitors. We have already seen easy procedure to add cool official Facebook button to website. Similarly, you can add tweetmeme button to allow

Add Facebook share button link to blog / website

Easy sharing on social networking websites like Facebook can bring lot of free and quality traffic to your website or blog. You can easily enable users to share your blog posts or articles by adding a Facebook share button at the start or end of the article page. A user can click that

Add Read More button in Blogger blog, official jump break feature!

Blogger is churning out new features that allow blog customization without having to get dirty with template code editing. "Read More" button feature is now official on Blogger as "Jump Break" No need to edit template or add extra code for that cool read more button on the Blogger blog

Publish and post on Blogger blog from iPhone

Blogger is a popular blogging platform on the internet with loads of users updating their respective blogs with new content. Now you can publish and post on Blogger blog from iPhone with greater ease using BlogPress Lite app. It is a free app for iPhone users to update their Blogger blogs

Gadget to show Tag (label) cloud on Blogger blog

Now you can show neat cloud of labels (tags) on sidebar of your blogger blog without resorting to any 3rd party hacks. Besides showing labels in the form of list, label gadget gets enhancement to show labels in the form of cloud. More popular label appear with bigger font than less popular

How to Import & publish blog post updates on facebook?

If you write a personal or professional blog, how about keeping Facebook friends updated on stuff you blog? Facebook has import a blog feature that allows you to import and publish any blog updates on your Facebook account. It automatically checks for RSS feed updates and posts latest blog

Show Twitter updates & Picasa photos on Blogger blog

Blogger is finally thinking to organize Blogger resources for better accessibility for Blogger users. Besides probable template and artwork directory, it has already put up special blog for featured Blogger gadgets. It contains cool Blogger gadgets created by third party

How to submit your templates & graphics to Blogger?

Are you a Blogger template coder or a graphics designer? Well, is looking for you and giving chance to feature your work on community. You can submit your Blogger templates and art work like gradients, backgrounds etc to team. Blogger team will