Create & add static pages on Blogger blog


Blogger has added most requested feature of adding static stand-along pages to a blog. You can use this feature to make: about us, privacy policy, advertise, contact us pages on your blogger blog. Final page can be viewed at neat URL [like:]. Being a new feature, as of now its only available in Blogger in Draft.

Make Static Page on Blogger blog

1. Goto & login into your account.
2. Open blog editor & goto Posting > Edit Pages

3. Then click “New Page” button, enter page title & contents.

4. Click “Publish Page” button, then select where you want page link to appear: sidebar, tabs or manual link.

5. Then click “Save & Publish” button. You page can be viewed at URL like

Simple, clean and very easy to use. This feature will remove hassle of easily adding pages like about, contact, privacy on a Blogger blog Рwhat say? [ More details]



  1. How do i get google ads not to show up on static pages in blogger?

  2. I tried this and it is doing wonders for me now. But i have a question.. How can i change the layout of a static page in blogger. The layout seems to be same as my normal blog post page. I want a different layout for static page. don,t want those ads appearing which actually appears at my blog post

  3. I have easily set up several static pages. However, the Post a Comment and Email author functions in the footer do not work and send error messages. I really need these 2 functions working. Can you help?

  4. Great! Now how can I add rollover button background images to the links?

  5. This was the best way of adding pages I have found! Trying to manipulate the blogger template was too much of a hassle and risk to your blog. Now our blog will finally look like a website. Thank you for posting this:-)

  6. vintage priimtives says

    I cannot see this new feature, even when in blogger in draft. Has this been disabled? Thanks in advance

    • You must go to your edit post option in the dashboard of Then click edit post, the edit pages options will show up here. Make sure that your dashboard has a checkered background, otherwise you will not be able to see the edit pages option.

  7. I followed your howto and the “Edit Page” option doesn’t show up in the “Posting” section. Is it possible this feature is currently available only in the US?

    Kind regards,

  8. sir i have not found Edit Page to i restore that feature.

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