Set custom word URL for Facebook Fanpage


Custom vanity URLs were introduced by Facebook for easy access, promotion and sharing of Facebook profiles. Besides adding custom fancy URL to facebook profile, you can also do same for Facebook fanpages. So, if you have setup Facebook Fanpage for your blog, website, brand – then grab custom fanpage url (like

Change Fanpage URL to custom fancy word

1. Goto & login into your Facebook account.

2. Click “Set a username for your Pages” link at the bottom.

3. Select your Facebook fanpage. Then view custom url suggestions or type your own word and click ‘Check availability’ button. If desired URL word slug is available, you can set it as custom URL for your Facebook fanpage.

Cannot set Facebook fanpage custom URL?

You need to have minimum of 25 fans to your Fanpage to be able to set custom URL. Also, once URL for fanpage is selected – it cannot be changed. So, be careful on your selection. Using this method TothePC fanpage url was changed
New Custom:

Looks neat, what say? Also, feel free to join TothePC community on Facebook. Here is easy to remember address:



  1. Very nice, thanks a bunch for sharing. I can now send my fans to

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