Set custom word URL for Facebook Fanpage

Custom vanity URLs were introduced by Facebook for easy access, promotion and sharing of Facebook profiles. Besides adding custom fancy URL to facebook profile, you can also do same for Facebook fanpages. So, if you have setup Facebook Fanpage for your blog, website, brand - then grab

Create Facebook Fanpage for blog, website, brand

Besides usual profiles on Facebook, you can create Fanpages for things you like. You can setup Fanpage for your blog, website, celebrity or person you admire and so on. Other Facebook users can become fan of specific Fanpage and access content being published or discussed. A single

Doodle 4 Google 2009 winner with earth touch

Doodle 4 Google 2009 competition has concluded and a 6th grader has emerged winner for her cool earthy creation. Christin Engelberth from Bernard Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas got the top spot for her doodle titled "A New Beginning". Above doodle expresses: "out of the

Download Adobe Flex builder & ColdFusion free

Adobe software are amazing and come with heavy loaded price tag. Adobe is now doing what Microsoft started long back (remember Dreamspark?). Now you can download and use selected Adobe produts for free. This offer is valid for students, faculty and employees of educational

Get Office 2007 Ultimate for $59.95 [US Students]

Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for just $59.95 - this is not a typo but a cool offer for US students. There are few strings attached to be an eligble candidate to grab Office 2007 at super cool discounted price. Here goes: You must have a valid e-mail address at an educational

Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 License Key, 6 month

Kaspersky is one of the best Anti-Virus protection software. Kaspersky India is running promotional offer and is giving 6 months free license key of Kaspersky Antivirus 2009. You need to fill a form and wait for your license key to arrive in your email. To get started, got to Kaspersky

Google Internet Bus teaching internet in motion

Number of new users enter in the world of internet but this addition is rather slow as compared to actual potential. Google is doing its bit in this regard with Google Internet Bus. This internet bus will travel and zoom away several towns and cities across India. "... The Internet

Google Chrome Advertisement Video

Google Chrome is everywhere on different Google Web properties from homepage of Google search to splash ads in Gmail, Youtube, blogger etc. Google's official Youtube channel just posted new Google Chrome Japan advertisement video. Sticking to Google Tradition, video is slick and

Download or Order free Microsoft inspired posters

Do you want to spice up walls in your classroom with some inspirational education stuff from Microsoft? Well, then checkout free posters from Microsoft. These poster are meant for your classroom

Manage & enjoy holidays with Google Appy Holidays

For people new to internet, Google is just a search engine website where you type the query and get results. Well, its time to learn and know more about Google. It has wide array of services that can help you manage and perform different tasks online. Appy Holidays is micro-site from

‘Fashion your Firefox’ Customize Firefox, the easy way

'Fashion your Firefox' makes your Firefox browser from simple to spectacular. It is a new 'thingie' for new Firefox users who often tend to get lost on which plugin to install and use. This feature from Mozilla make 'Firefox customization' process easy and saves lot of time. To get

I’m a PC Gear is out on Zazzle, wanna buy ?

Windows, Life without walls - I'm a PC campaign has been going around for a while now. We have already seen few free goodies from Microsoft a part of this campaign. Microsoft has partnered with Zazzle to roll out more