Manage & enjoy holidays with Google Appy Holidays


For people new to internet, Google is just a search engine website where you type the query and get results. Well, its time to learn and know more about Google. It has wide array of services that can help you manage and perform different tasks online.

Appy Holidays is micro-site from Google to manage the holiday hustle and bustle with Gmail, Calendar, Docs and more. New users can know more about different Google services and their respective uses. While Google followers can get heads up, which Google service / app can be used for which type of activity this holiday season.

So, its smile and say ‘season’s greetings’ to friends and family with Video chat on Gmail. Manage your busy holiday schedule with Google Calendar and spruce up your holiday greetings with Google Docs. Share and preserve your holiday memories by uploading and sharing photos at Google Picasa. Appy Holidays explains it all – checkout!


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