Free printable 2013 Calendar download

In next few days after Holiday season we shall stay good-bye to 2012 and hello to 2013. An essential requirement to prepare for the next 2013 year and never miss a date is by downloading 2013 calendar. Lot of websites offer free downloads of printable 2013 calendar templates. Once you

Download animated fun Easter [egg gif] photos

Want to add flavour of Easter on your blog or website. You can easily do this by using funny animated Easter egg theme animated gif photos. You can download such fun gifs from Microsoft Office website. Post them on your blog, use them to send fun emails to friends, share them on your

How many days until St. Patrick’s day

St. Patrick's Day is a traditional day for spiritual renewal, when people offer prayers worldwide. It is celebrated in number of countries throughout the world. People celebrate it with parades, music, Irish food, games and lots more. Techno savvy people can easily track on How many days

Download Winter themes for Windows 7

We have already seen listing of Holiday themes for Windows 7. If you are done with holidaying, here are Winter themes for Windows 7 to enjoy snow, Santa and Christmas. Themes feature cool looking wallpaper backgrounds showcasing best of winter season view along with appropriate effects and

Download Holiday themes for Windows 7

Do you want to dress up your Windows 7 desktop for upcoming Holiday season? Microsoft's official Windows 7 theme gallery has lot of beautiful themes for the holiday season fill. All themes come with scenic wallpaper background options and installs in few mouse clicks. Here is listing of

Calculate number of days between two dates

At times, simple dates calculation can result in heavy mind exercise. You can easily take help of computer and internet for accurate days - date calculation. There are number of online and offline ways to calculate number of days between two specific 'start' and 'end' dates. You can also

Firefox 2010 Calendars in red & blue

2009 is gone and we have stumbled into NEW Year 2010. We have already seen cool calendar resources to prepare for 2010 like free printable 2010 calendar downloads, 2010 Office templates etc. If you are Firefox fan, then checkout exclusive Firefox 2010 printable calendars. Calendars

Send free Holiday Cards within US from Gmail

"... Spread some holiday cheer, one card at a time", this is the cheerful tagline of cool offering by Gmail for US users. Anyone can send free (hard copy) greeting card via actual mail (not email) to any address within United States. Besides the colorful card, you can type custom cheerful

Animated Christmas Tree on desktop

Last Christmas we checked out desktop Christmas tree with countdown clock. Here is even better and easy animated Christmas Tree on the desktop. It is fully portable: just download zip file of any Christmas tree, unzip it and double click icon to see animated Christmas tree on the

Track latest Holidays & sport events in Google Calendar

Tracking holidays and your favorite sporting events has become real easy for Google Calendar users. Now you can add specific holiday calendar to your Google Calendar account and keep track of upcoming holidays or any holiday date throughout the year. You can also keep track of upcoming

Google Logos, download fake or original G logos

Google Logos on specials days and events always bring smile. Google mark special occasions with vibrant and more colorful logos keeping in spirit of that day. Be it Christmas or first day of spring - Google got special logos! Download Google Holiday logos [1999-2009] Download some

Download printable 2009 Calendar, monthly & yearly

Do you want print own customized calendar? Or paste / embed a calendar on your desktop wallpaper? Well, there are number of online resources to download printable 2009 calendars. You can download the full year calendar or month-wise. Calendars are available in PDF and Microsoft