Download Bing API toolkit to customize 404 error pages


Some percentage of website traffic ends up on webpages that do not exist or have been moved resulting into 404 error page. It is important to channelize this traffic, instead of displaying dead end 404 error pages. Microsoft has released Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. It allows you to create dynamic 404 pages that contain customized error messages showing relevent keywords for movement of traffic to related webpages.

As pointed by Bing community, the Toolkit is an application that replaces the default error page on your IIS server. The Toolkit enables you to send an AJAX client call to the Bing API that returns results for the specified domain and locale. You control the number of results returned on your page, choose whether to offer spelling corrections, and customize your error message.

This new toolkit comes with few enhancements like bug fixes, use of AJAX client call instead of a SOAP server call, improving performance and simplifying configuration. Download Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit [Ignore it, if you do not understand this heavy loaded technical stuff]


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