Remove left navigation sidebar in Windows 7

Windows 7 has a navigation pane (sidebar) which is displayed on left side in the explorer window. It is useful to quickly hop to specific locations on the Windows 7 computer. However, few users may not want this navigation pane for more screen space and simple layout. Fortunately, you can

Add new items in ‘Send To’ menu on Windows

Using Send To menu you can send or copy files from one location to other on Windows computer. All the items listed in Send To menu are contained in Sent To folder. You can easily customize and add new items, application shortcuts to the Send To menu by adding new items in the Send To

Restore ‘tabs on top’ below Firefox 4 address bar

Newer version of Firefox browser (4.0 beta) has new position for tabs above the address bar. Do you want to restore tabs placement as in older version of Firefox in newer Firefox 4.0 or above? You can easily move tabs on top of Firefox browsing window below the address bar using following

Switch to classic menu bar in Firefox 4

Newer Firefox 4.0 beta has neater looking universal access "Firefox" button. Using this single button you can access various options like print, save, history, help - which otherwise are displayed in menu bar at the top. If you still prefer the good old classic menu bar, you can easily

Change display name of Facebook profile

Do you want to change display name of your Facebook profile? Few users may want to change name shown on their Facebook profile after sometime. This can be easily done from account settings. You can edit and change current display name on Facebook accout to any desired name using following

Disable Aero Peek on Window 7

Aero Peek is new Windows 7 feature allowing you to quickly view the desktop screen. Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop. There are few Windows 7 users who may not like this feature and want to disable this

Auto hide or show Windows Taskbar

Auto hide taskbar means that the taskbar will remain hidden until or unless you take the mouse pointer over the taskbar. It will temporarily pop up taskbar and it will hide when you point the mouse pointer away from the taskbar. By default this feature is disabled in Winodws. Turn ON /

Change default file download folder in Chrome

If you download lot of files, you may want to customize location for saving downloaded files in Google Chrome browser. By default, all downloaded files are stored in [%UserProfile%\Downloads] folder. You can easily change the default download folder in Chrome. Also, enable option to get

Customize Facebook page layout design in Chrome

Want a refreshing change from usual blue tone Facebook page design? There are number of ways to customize Facebook page layout design, looks and elements. We have already seen heavy loaded way to customize Facebook interface using Yontoo Layers. If you love browsing Facebook in Google

Edit webpage color, background, font in Chrome

Want to play around with design and look of your favorite webpage? You can easily do this in few simple clicks within Google Chrome browser using "Webpage Decorator" Chrome extension. It allows you to edit and customize webpage properties like modifying background color, attaching an image

Customize iPad body case color with ColorWare

Don't like the standard sliver gray colored Apple iPad? Well, you can get customized iPad with color of choice in few simple clicks at ColorWare. You can customize every part of iPad's outer body with colors that you like. It allows you to customize the color of body, button, and even the

Customize iPad Home button double click to search

Home button is located at the bottom middle part of the iPad screen. By default, if you press home button once - it will take you to home screen on Apple iPad. You can customize twice press / double click action of home screen to allow search or opening of iPod app controls on the iPad