Customize for easy & useful Windows 7 Start Menu

Majority of users hate to type program name in the search box above orb button to get to desired program. Instead, they prefer find and click routine to open programs of their choice. Incase you are feeling tired and lost while trying to find program you need to open, then checkout Start

Get full admin privileges control on Windows 7

Do you feel tired in chains of restrictions and access prevention in Windows 7? Are these privileges not sufficient for you to spread your wings while using the system? Windows 7 comes with predefined access restriction to the user.  Using following method you can be the owner of your

Disable Burn To Disk feature in Windows 7

Disk Burn feature in Windows 7 allows you to burn files to a disk in a blink of an eye. It is a striking tool to use if you continuously want to save backups of your files and documents into disks. Some people may find it irritating and would want to turn OFF this feature. This can be

Disable & deactivate UAC on Windows 7

Are you being troubled  by regular pop-up messages in Windows 7 asking you to choose a specific action while installing a software or changing the system settings? This happens due to UAC feature for user security reminder while making critical changes to the system. If you find this

Add Run Command box in Windows 7 Start menu

Run command is a very useful and handy for quick launching ofapplication on Windows based systems. However, by default the run command box is missing on Windows 7 Start menu. You can get back run command box on Windows 7 box for that good old way of opening applications quickly using run

Customize Windows 7 taskbar buttons look

In Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft has introduced a lot of new features . Taskbar in Windows 7 has undergone extreme makeover and look different from previous Windows releases. Now, taskbar looks more like taskbar on Mac OSX system. While few users like the new look others still

Change number of items in Windows 7 jumplist

Microsoft introduced Jumplist feature in Windows 7 operating system. Jumplist is list of  recently opened documents or folders. It is displayed when you right click on the icon in the taskbar or when you take the mouse pointer to the application in the start menu.You can easily customize

Change Power button action setting in Windows 7

When you click on the power button in Windows 7 start up menu, PC shuts down. By default, power button is assigned the Shut down action on Windows 7.  You can change this setting and customize any other action like restart, logoff. sleep when power button is clicked by you. Customize

How to add Quick Launch in Windows 7 taskbar

Microsoft has modified the toolbar and added some really good features to taskbar of Windows 7 operating system. Quick launch is one of most used feature in Windows XP or Vista systems. However, in Windows 7 by default the quick launch feature is missing. You can easily enable it back

Change Throbber loader image in Firefox

A Throbber(also known as Loader image) is a graphic found in a graphical user interface of a computer program especially in  browser, that animates to show the user that the program is performing an action.For example when you are loading or reloading a window in Firefox, in the tab you

Customize wallpaper settings in Windows 7

Now Windows 7 removes the need of installing any external software like Webshots to change the desktop wallpapers automatically. All the pictures and wallpapers on your hard drive can be timed to automatically display as desktop background with auto change feature in Windows 7 operating

Expand Send To Menu: Windows 7 shortcut key

When you right click on a file or folder, it show few options in the 'Send To' menu in windows explorer. By default there are options like Compressed folder(ZIP), My documents, mail recipients etc. Do you know there are more (hidden) options in the 'Send To' menu? You can easily access