How to change basic Color scheme on Windows 7

Are you getting bored of seeing same basic color scheme on your Windows 7 computer? Get a fresh new and colorful look by changing the color scheme on your Windows PC. For this you don't need to install any software or change current Windows theme. You can simply customize and change colors

Change icons of files in VLC player

Are you bored of file icons in VLC player? Give VLC experience a little makeover with portable tool 'VLC Icon Changer'. As the name suggests, it allows you to change icons of files associated with VLC player installed on the computer. Using this tool, you can set different and unique icon

Download ICQ 7 skins for custom new look

ICQ has launched all new version 7.0 with cool new features. If you have downloaded ICQ 7.0 and now want to give new look to the application, then check out ICQ 7 skins. You can relish handy features of ICQ in new looking ICQ interface by installing any of the 9 available custom ICQ

Customize New Orkut look with more Colors

Orkut recently went for a makeover which was more colorful and refreshing. Orkut has added more options (aka colors) to customize your Orkut profile look. Instead of 5 colors now there are over 35 colors to chose from to color your Orkut profile page. How to Change color of Orkut

Hide & move Window programs from Taskbar to System Tray

Taskbar can become cluttered with too many opened Window programs. You can customize open programs showing on the taskbar using free utility "Taskbar Helper". It allows you to organize contents showing on the taskbar by hiding rarely used Windows or moving them from taskbar to system tray

How to add folder & applications to My Computer window?

Do you want to add a specific folder to My Computer window for quick and easy access? Shedko Folder2MyPC is a small application that allows placing of any folder or application directly in My Computer and / or Control Panel Window. This will allow quick access to your favorite folders and

Download Bing API toolkit to customize 404 error pages

Some percentage of website traffic ends up on webpages that do not exist or have been moved resulting into 404 error page. It is important to channelize this traffic, instead of displaying dead end 404 error pages. Microsoft has released Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. It allows you to

Get custom Vanity URL username for Facebook Profile

Facebook has made official announcement on offering Vanity custom URLs to every facebook user. Instead of random "id=592952074" thing in Facebook URL, see your name to directly dump into your Facebook profile. This looks neat, easy to remember and sharing Facebook profile URL with friends.

Link to any part of Youtube Video start time

Youtube videos are generally short and crisp. However, there are times when you want to share only small part of long Youtube video. There is an easy hack whick allows you to link and share specific part of Youtube. This is based on start time (on the timeline) from the point you want

Change font of Google Ads – Adsense Optimization

Google Adsense Ads (text) just got better which new feature of customizing font in ads. Now you can change the font face of the text in ad units on pages in Latin-character languages. You can choose between Arial, Times, and Verdana font faces. Please note that while font options will

‘Fashion your Firefox’ Customize Firefox, the easy way

'Fashion your Firefox' makes your Firefox browser from simple to spectacular. It is a new 'thingie' for new Firefox users who often tend to get lost on which plugin to install and use. This feature from Mozilla make 'Firefox customization' process easy and saves lot of time. To get