Restore ‘tabs on top’ below Firefox 4 address bar


Newer version of Firefox browser (4.0 beta) has new position for tabs above the address bar. Do you want to restore tabs placement as in older version of Firefox in newer Firefox 4.0 or above? You can easily move tabs on top of Firefox browsing window below the address bar using following procedure.

Change Firefox Tabs bar position at top

1. Launch Firefox browser (4.0 or above).

2. Click on Firefox button (visible on Windows 7 and Vista).

3. Goto Customize and click to uncheck “Tab on Top” option. Tabs will move to older position below the address bar. You can check the “Tabs on Top” option to revert back tabs above the address bar.

You can also make this change quickly by right clicking icon next to address bar and then clicking to uncheck “Tabs on Top” option.



  1. Paulo Cezar says

    Thank you for the tip. Just installed FF4 and still playing with the new interface :-)

  2. nice tip of customizing the Firefox browser

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