Show blank page on new home & tab in Firefox

New version (13) of Firefox browser is available for download now. Latest release pack in lot of improvements and new features like Reset Firefox. Most notable is redesigned look of new home and new tab pages. While elements displayed on new home and new tab are useful while browsing, few

Reopen recently closed tabs in Safari on iPad

Safari web browser is used for surfing internet on iPad device. With recent iOS 5 update, lot of new features were added including tabs support in Safari browser. Now you can browse different webpages in multiple tabs within same interfacing window in Safari browser on your iPad. While

Convert Chrome tab to window with keyboard shortcut

Google Chrome is a flexible web browser allowing users to customize it according to their requirements. There are number of ways to customize new tab window in Google Chrome. While tabbed interface keeps browsing experience neat, at times we need to open specific website in separate window

Group & organize tabs in Firefox 4 [Panorama]

Firefox 4 beta introduces lot of new features like  tabs placement, single access Firefox button, new look menu bar and lots more. 'Panorama' is a new feature button in Firefox 4 that helps in organized web browsing. It allows you to organize tabs and group them as per requirement. This

Auto refresh webpage tabs in Chrome

Do you want to reload and refresh webpage URLs automatically? Ideally, we need to hit refresh button (or F5) to manually reload a webpage. You can automate this routine in Google Chrome browser for any website, URL or specific tab and make it refresh after specific perioud of time using

Limit maximum number of tabs in Chrome

Tabbed browsing allow easy surfing of multiple websites. However, too many opened tabs at the same time can confuse anyone. Do you want to limit number of tabsthat can be opened simultaneously in Google Chrome browser? You can easily do this using 'Controlled multi-tab browsing'

Restore ‘tabs on top’ below Firefox 4 address bar

Newer version of Firefox browser (4.0 beta) has new position for tabs above the address bar. Do you want to restore tabs placement as in older version of Firefox in newer Firefox 4.0 or above? You can easily move tabs on top of Firefox browsing window below the address bar using following

Open blank or empty new Tab page in Chrome

Opening new tab in Google Chrome show recently closed tabs and history details. While it is useful for few users, others may find it irritating having to see cluttered new tab page. You can easily blank out stuff on new tab page using Chrome extension or creating a blank page bookmark

How to enable Firefox taskbar preview feature

By default, the taskbar preview feature is not available in Firefox browser. However, it is present in Google Chrome browser by default. No need to miss this feature in Firefox, you can turn ON this cool feature by tweaking few settings of your Firefox browser installed on Windows 7

How to reopen closed Tabs in IE & Firefox

While browsing multiple websites, tab feature in Internet Explorer and Firefox comes handy. It is easy to browse multiple tabs in a single window than browsing in multiple different windows. Sometimes we may accidentally close tab with important websites. In such case, you can easily open

Drag to open current browser tab in new window

Tabbed interface feature in modern browsers is very useful for multi website browsing with ease. You can tweak tabs using drag drop routine to open them in new window. For example: tab with can be dragged to browsing area, this will open new window with and close the

Keyboard Shortcut to switch tabs in Firefox

Tabbed interface in Firefox browser makes browsing very easy and quick. Ideally, one would click tabs using mouse. If you are keyboard person, how about toggling Firefox tabs using keyboard shortcut hotkeys? Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can switch between different tabs on the