How to enable Firefox taskbar preview feature


By default, the taskbar preview feature is not available in Firefox browser. However, it is present in Google Chrome browser by default. No need to miss this feature in Firefox, you can turn ON this cool feature by tweaking few settings of your Firefox browser installed on Windows 7 PC.

Aero like Firefox tabs preview in Windows 7

1. Open your Firefox browser and in the address bar type about:config and hit Enter.

2. In the filter bar above, type browser.taskbar.previews.enable.

3. Double click on it and its value will change from false to true.

4. Now while all the tabs are opened, roll over your mouse on Firefox browser in taskbar to preview the tabs.

This works like a charm in Windows 7 while using Firefox browser as it shows the preview of all the opened tabs in browser like Aero-peek feature in Windows 7. Handy, Isn’t it?



  1. Damn good one. Thanks.

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