Reset Google Chrome to default settings

You can customize Google Chrome settings like change history deletion days, turn off suggestion bar, change download folder, enable pop-ups and lots more. Sometimes you may want to revert back to default Google Chrome settings and start afresh. For this you can use Reset feature in Google

Send Out of Office & Vacation auto reply in Gmail & Yahoo

Are you going on vacation and will be out of office for few days? One one wants to deal with email sending chores while on vacation. You can easily setup vacation responder in Gmail and Yahoo email account to enjoy holidays to fullest. Vacation responder will automatically send reply to

Transfer emails from one Gmail account to another

Lot of users have multiple Gmail accounts and use each account for personal and professional needs. Do you want to transfer all email messages from one Gmail account to another? Ideally, you can forward emails one by one to transfer email messages from one account to different account.

Best & simple Facebook Privacy settings

Facebook had lot of attention due to 'not so private' privacy controls in recent times. It has now rolled out new interface to manage Privacy Settings of your Facebook profile. Newer interface allows easy viewing of which part of the profile is being shared with which group of Facebook

Auto reset Facebook privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’

Facebook keeps changing privacy settings after every few days. With huge list of existing privacy settings, configuring them wastes lot of time of an average Facebook user. As a result, many Facebook users tend to ignore them and do not bother to configure privacy settings. Now you can

How to enable Firefox taskbar preview feature

By default, the taskbar preview feature is not available in Firefox browser. However, it is present in Google Chrome browser by default. No need to miss this feature in Firefox, you can turn ON this cool feature by tweaking few settings of your Firefox browser installed on Windows 7

Get full admin privileges control on Windows 7

Do you feel tired in chains of restrictions and access prevention in Windows 7? Are these privileges not sufficient for you to spread your wings while using the system? Windows 7 comes with predefined access restriction to the user.  Using following method you can be the owner of your

Switch to new tabs in Firefox automatically

Generally, when you click a link it opens a new tab or you hold down the Ctrl key while clicking a link to make it open in new tab. By default, Firefox does not  switch to new tab but keep the current tab active. However, with settings change you can easily switch to new tab in Firefox

Disable Burn To Disk feature in Windows 7

Disk Burn feature in Windows 7 allows you to burn files to a disk in a blink of an eye. It is a striking tool to use if you continuously want to save backups of your files and documents into disks. Some people may find it irritating and would want to turn OFF this feature. This can be

Disable & deactivate UAC on Windows 7

Are you being troubled  by regular pop-up messages in Windows 7 asking you to choose a specific action while installing a software or changing the system settings? This happens due to UAC feature for user security reminder while making critical changes to the system. If you find this

Mute Explorer click sounds in Windows 7

Are you annoyed by Windows Explorer click sounds? You can easily turn off and mute such sounds on your Windows 7 computer. After making following settings change, your window 7 PC will be more quiet allowing soundless PC usage (and of course, some piece of mind). Turn off explorer

Disable automatic resize of website windows in Firefox

Sometimes when you open a particular website in Mozilla Firefox browser, it is opened in resized state instead of maximized state. You can easily disable and prevent this website window resizing by changing  few options in Firefox browser installed on your computer. Restrict Website