Application specific volume control in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a sparkling new feature to control the volume of specific applications running on your system. Now you can either boost up or silence the volume level of any application without interfering the Master volume of the system. It implies, you can set different volume

Enable checkbox feature to select files in Windows 7

Do you have to select multiple files or folders by pressing down Ctrl button every-time you have to copy paste some files/folders? You can easily prevent this on Windows 7 PC. Just enable 'check box to select items' feature that allows you to select multiple items by clicking checkboxes

Change default programs settings in Windows 7

A specific type of file will always open in program application set default for that type (even in cases when you have better software installed for that type of files). You can easily make default program change by modifying default program file association on Windows 7.  This allows you

Add Delete Contents to folder right click menu in Windows 7

Ever wanted to delete files and sub-folders inside a folder without opening that folder? You can easily do this by adding 'Delete Contents' option to the Right click context menu. This can be implemented by modifying associated registry entry. [Do not attempt this, if you do not understand

Change default programs, file association & auto play settings

Windows has feature to change file associations and default programs. However, the in-built user interface for changing default programs and files association is not that easy to use for making such changes. "Default Programs Editor" provide alternative user interface for modifying default

Open new Internet Explorer Window in full screen maximized mode

Internet Explorer browser has improved over the years with new version releases. Still one cannot open new Internet Explorer window in full screen maximized mode. If you are eager to add this functionality then grab small utility "IE New Window Maximizer". It open new IE windows is full

Backup Internet Explorer favorites, password, settings

Moving from one computer to another or upgrading from one version of Internet Explorer to another - we lose all internet explorer favorites, password and other settings. This can be really annoying and backing up each component like favorites or passwords manually can involve lot of time