Add Delete Contents to folder right click menu in Windows 7


Ever wanted to delete files and sub-folders inside a folder without opening that folder? You can easily do this by adding ‘Delete Contents’ option to the Right click context menu. This can be implemented by modifying associated registry entry. [Do not attempt this, if you do not understand concept of registry. Alternatively, you can create system restore point before making following registry changes].

‘Delete Contents’ option to Folder right click menu

1. Click on Start button and type regedit press enter. Now in Regedit, goto HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell and right-click on shell and create a new Key and name it Delete Contents.

2. Again right-click on Delete Contents and create a new Key and name it Command. In the right pane, double-click on “Default” string value. Then type the¬†value string as seen in screenshot below and click OK.

5. Close the Registry Editor. Now goto any folder and right click on it to see the option ” Delete Contents “. If it does not appear, make sure you re-check on the string value (as seen above).

There you go. Now this handy option in Windows 7 can simply delete the contents of folder and sub-folders without actually getting inside the folder.


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