Add new items in ‘Send To’ menu on Windows

Using Send To menu you can send or copy files from one location to other on Windows computer. All the items listed in Send To menu are contained in Sent To folder. You can easily customize and add new items, application shortcuts to the Send To menu by adding new items in the Send To

Remove right click menu items in Internet Explorer

Right click menu of Internet Explorer browser can become cluttered over a period of time. As new software are installed, few may add their item entry into right click menu of Internet explorer. Fortunately, you can easily edit and clean up right click menu of IE by making registry

Add Delete Contents to folder right click menu in Windows 7

Ever wanted to delete files and sub-folders inside a folder without opening that folder? You can easily do this by adding 'Delete Contents' option to the Right click context menu. This can be implemented by modifying associated registry entry. [Do not attempt this, if you do not understand

Expand Send To Menu: Windows 7 shortcut key

When you right click on a file or folder, it show few options in the 'Send To' menu in windows explorer. By default there are options like Compressed folder(ZIP), My documents, mail recipients etc. Do you know there are more (hidden) options in the 'Send To' menu? You can easily access

Remove items in ‘New’ right click explorer menu

Right click on empty space on desktop or in a folder and then point to "New" option. Do you see huge list of items listed under 'New" right click explorer menu? ShellMenuNew is very easy to use portable utility to trim down list of items under 'new' explorer menu. You can disable to remove

Add Print button to Firefox right click context menu

By default, you can access print option in Firefox browser from File menu. We have already seen plugin to add "Print Preview" button to right click context menu and to Firefox status bar. "Print context menu" is another useful plugin for with more features. It adds print button besides

Add Command Prompt to Windows right click menu

If you are comfortable with commands, then Command Prompt is a powerful and easy way to do things. QuickCMD utility adds Command Prompt to Windows right click menu. You can start or invoke Windows command processor for any selected folder, logical drive, network folder or their subfolders

Add ‘Copy File Name’ to Windows right click context menu

Besides default options, you can add more options to right click context menu for enhanced functionality. We have already seen how to add "copy to" and "move to" options to Windows right click context menu. Copy File Name utility allows you to add "copy files name" option to Windows right

Add Copy To & Move To in Windows Right Click menu

Be default, Windows right click menu has "Copy" and "Paste" options. You can extend functionality of moving / copying files and folders by adding "Copy To" and "Move To" options to Windows right click menu. This allows you to directly move or copy files and folders to a different location

Disable mouse right click on webpage using Javascript

You must have come across websites where mouse right click function does not work. Do you want to add similar functionality to your webpage? It is very easy to implement using simple javascript file in your webpage. "No Right click on page" page provide you the javascript to