Add Copy To & Move To in Windows Right Click menu


Be default, Windows right click menu has “Copy” and “Paste” options. You can extend functionality of moving / copying files and folders by adding “Copy To” and “Move To” options to Windows right click menu. This allows you to directly move or copy files and folders to a different location on the computer.


Add Copy To & Move To in Right Click menu

1. Download Add Copy To, Move To utility [weblink].
2. Double click to launch it, no install is required.
3. Click on Add button on the utility window.
4. Now right click any file or folder to see new copy to, move to options.


You can remove these options anytime, just launch the utility and click remove button. This makes copy and move functionality more easy in Window. Right click on any file and then click Copy To option to see Windows explorer box. Then select destination folder and its done. No need to open destination folder seperately and perform paste operation. Pretty neat!



  1. Hitesh Joshi says

    Thanks very much for giving a ready utility for MOVE TO option.
    I have put shortcuts to folders in Folder C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\SendTo which helps me send files to the relevant folder directly, but I need to delete the file from original location in 2nd step.
    Can your utility be supported by folder list on right click just like SendTo mentioned above?
    Thanks a lot anyway.

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