Copy sheets between Google Docs Spreadsheet files

Do you want to copy a sheet from one Google Docs Spreadsheet file to another? No need to manual copy and paste, you can easily copy sheet between spreadsheet files in few simple clicks. Google Docs Spreadsheet has "Copy To" feature for copying any specific sheet in one Google Docs

How to cut, copy & paste text on iPad

Besides using Apple iPad for photos and videos, it is a great companion for text based content in the form of ebooks and newspapers. While browsing textual content, you may want to copy and save selective text. This can be easily done using cut, copy and paste routine on iPad through touch

Copy Paste text online between Google documents

Do you want to quickly copy paste text online between multiple Google Doc files? Now you can easily do this online just like we do offline within Microsoft Office (or on Windows) using 'Server Clipboard' feature. You can copy (Ctrl + C) from any opened Google Document and then paste (Ctrl

Backup & restore Clipboard data

By default, Windows clipboard can only store last copied data, which is available for quick paste. Do you want to recover clipboard data copied previous to last copy action? WinKlipper utility makes this all easy to backup and restore previous clipboard data. It is similar to Clips Windows

Copy Paste multiple items: Clips Windows clipboard

By default Windows Clipboard can only save one (latest) copied item. Hence you can only paste latest item be it normal text, URL text or any code. You can easily extend default Windows clipboard using Clips Windows clipboard utility. It allows you to copy and save multiple items. You can

Skip damaged & copy secured files & folders

Copying bunch of files and folders containing few damaged files is not easy. By default, copy process stops after giving error for a damaged file among files or in a folder. "Power Copy" programs allows continuous copy process even when a damaged file in encountered. It reports error for

Add ‘Copy File Name’ to Windows right click context menu

Besides default options, you can add more options to right click context menu for enhanced functionality. We have already seen how to add "copy to" and "move to" options to Windows right click context menu. Copy File Name utility allows you to add "copy files name" option to Windows right

Add Copy To & Move To in Windows Right Click menu

Be default, Windows right click menu has "Copy" and "Paste" options. You can extend functionality of moving / copying files and folders by adding "Copy To" and "Move To" options to Windows right click menu. This allows you to directly move or copy files and folders to a different location

Cut & split photo in pieces to prevent copy or save

There are number of ways to prevent copy or save of images displayed on a webpage like watermarking photos with logo, disabling right click menu etc. If making photos ugly by adding watermark does not please you, try splitting photo in pieces to prevent copy or save of the original photo.

Rip & make ISO image from data on CD, DVD

ISO image of data on CD or DVD discs serve as perfect duplication of data. You can easily rip and create ISO image from data on any media disc using Free DVD ISO Maker from Minidvdsoft. It is a small and free application that allows easy rip of data to create an ISO image file for purpose

Copy & backup DVD movies to computer hard drive

Are you looking for simple and easy way to copy DVD movies on your computer hard drive? DVDSmith free software makes this process easy in real. Using this you can clone any DVD movie on your computer by quick copy and backup procedure. It removes all the protections (CSS, RC, RCE, APS,

Save & access all copy clipboard data with Clipboardic

Wndows clipboard has limitation of keeping record of only last copied data. Clipboardic utility overcomes this limitation by keeping track of every copy action and resultant clipboard data. It maintains list of all clipboard activity which can be further used as per requirement. It neatly