Cut & split photo in pieces to prevent copy or save


There are number of ways to prevent copy or save of images displayed on a webpage like watermarking photos with logo, disabling right click menu etc. If making photos ugly by adding watermark does not please you, try splitting photo in pieces to prevent copy or save of the original photo. It is possible using cool free application “Skix”.


Break N Slice photo with Skix

1. Download Skix & install the app on your computer.
2. Launch Skix & select photo that should sliced / split.
3. Select number of chunks or pieces for splitting selected photo.
4. Then select folder to save split parts of original photo.
5. Click Skix and Save button to get HTML code.

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Use the HTML code on your website or blog to display photo as original image which is now combination of multiple parts now. If you attempt to copy by right click procedure you will only able to copy specific part of the image and not the whole image. Also remember to upload parts of photos to your website and update URL address of image parts. Split images, have fun & be safe!


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