Live Typing show typed text as animated image


Do you want to record text being typed and flaunt it as an animated image? LiveTyping is a perfect way to do so in few simple clicks. Just click the start button and start typing any text. Click enliven button and your typed text will be ready for download in the form of animated GIF image which can displayed and shared on blog, website or social websites.


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It allows you to customize font type and font size of the text being typed. You can also adjust virtual typing speed among: fast, normal and real. Following is the result of one quick typing session:


While above is just one line, you can type full paragraph and grab it in the form of animated image with a click of a button. You can also customize width of resultant image to fit the space available to you. Get animated avatar of your typed text with Live Typing, its cool!



  1. how do this working

  2. Thank you davinder .
    You are giving great sites.
    I though it will just scroll the letters.It is live will be very useful to bloggers,who want to convey a message to the visitors.We can ask people to subscribe to the blog.It is similar to creating a video.But the most important part is.Even if i type many things,the size is always less than 10 kb.

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