Add PowerPoint effects in single click with Animation Painter

PowerPoint slideshow can be made dynamic and animated using various animation effects. You can add animation to different elements on a slide including text, images, charts etc. Don't want to waste time setting animation for each element and still create beautiful animated PowerPoint

Make own custom Emoticons: Free Emotemaker

Emoticons can be real fun: they are funny, refreshing and bring smile to the face. Want to create own custom emoticon? Emotemaker is a free program that allows you to create customized emoticons with user defined shape and other elements. It has simple, easy to use interface with loads of

Live Typing show typed text as animated image

Do you want to record text being typed and flaunt it as an animated image? LiveTyping is a perfect way to do so in few simple clicks. Just click the start button and start typing any text. Click enliven button and your typed text will be ready for download in the form of animated GIF image

Download Flash animation SWF files from webpages

Animated flash display always catch user's attention. These are interactive and very attractive to look at. Ever wanted to download flash animation from your favorite website? iWisoft Free Flash SWF Downloader makes this process real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. Just enter