Count key press of specific keys on keyboard


Do you want to know, which keys were pressed how many times on the keyboard? Keeping track of this manually is very difficult and time consuming routine. You can automatically count and keep track of specific keys press using free utility ‘Key Counter’. It can track specific user defined keys and count number of time that key was pressed.

Automatic specific keys press counting

1. Download Key Counter tool. It is a portable tool, just unzip and then double click to launch the program.

2. Then select which keys should be tracked under ‘Add keystrokes to list’. You can select ‘all the above keys’ option and ¬†click “Add keys to list” button to track all keys.

3. Click ‘Start Monitoring button’ to inititate keys press tracking and counting.

4. You can view key press count results on the left window. Goto File > Export to CSV to save results. Similarly you can count number of mouse clicks on Windows XP computer.


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