Enable & use Split keyboard on iPad [iOS 5]

iOS 5 software update for iPad introduces new Split Keyboard feature. This allows you to split on-screen keyboard on iPad into two parts allowing much easier typing using thumbs. Besides splitting keyboard into two parts, you can also position each part up or down for comfortable

Open ‘Windows Phone’ like virtual keyboard on Windows 8

Windows Phone operating system feature neat virtual keyboard which support easy typing on touch interface devices. You can open and use similar virtual keyboard on Windows 8 operating system. Option to enable on-screen virtual keyboard is in-built by default in Windows 8 operating system.

Virtual keyboard to type in any language in Chrome

With internet spreading, more content is available in local custom language interface. Few web service like Google provide virtual keyboard to type in different language using standard (English) keyboard. If you are using Google Chrome web browser to surf the internet, then you can add

Typewriter sound at key press on PC keyboard

Do you love the "tick tick" sound while using a typewriter? Get the old style typewriter sound while using new style computer keyboard using 'Qwertick'. It is a free portable utility that adds typewriter tick sound to your PC keyboard. So at every key press on the keyboard you will listen

Virtual keyboard on Google Search result pages

Searching through non-English Google search result interface just became more easy with virtual keyboard feature. Non-English Google Search pages now show virtual keyboard of corresponding language. You can click buttons on keyboard and enter words in native language in the search box.

International keyboard to type foreign language on iPad

Besides the default language keyboard on iPad, you can more different language international keyboards to your iPad. This allows you to type text in other different foreign languages, even some languages written from right to left of the screen. You can check full list of supported

Turn Caps lock ON & type uppercase text on iPad

On-screen keyboard on iPad can little confusing for first time users of Apple Ipad device. We have already seen easy way to hide the on-screen keyboard on iPad screen. Just like standard keyboard, you can use the on-screen keyboard to turn the Caps lock ON for typing text in uppercase

How to hide on-screen keyboard on iPad

iPad has an easy to use on-screen keyboard for typing needs. It appears as soon as you need to type text on your Apple iPad device. Besides allowing you to type, keyboard corrects misspellings, predicts what you are typing and learns as you use it. If on-screen keyboard is taking lot of

Configure to use Apple wireless keyboard on iPad

Apple iPad has on-screen keyboard to facilitate typing routine. However, if you already own Apple Wireless keyboard - then you can configure it for use with iPad. You need to enable bluetooth on iPad in order to use Apple Wireless keyboard for typing routine instead of using the default

Disable & mute click sound while typing on iPad

Do you find clicking sound while typing on Apple iPad irritating? You can easily get over this annoying click sound on iPad by disabling 'Keyboard click' sound option. Disable this feature under settings to enjoy mute sound-less typing on your ipad device. Disable clicking sound on iPad

Keyboard shortcut to open Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is a popular instant messenger application installed on lot of computers. If you happen to use Yahoo Messenger on Windows computer, then here is super quick way to launch and open Yahoo Messenger window using keyboard shortcut key that works on all Windows based

Control Mouse pointer with keyboard numeric keys

Did your computer mouse suddenly stop working in middle of some important task? No need to look for another mouse, as you can control mouse pointer using keyboard. Numeric keys on the keypad on the right side can be used to control mouse pointer on Windows 7 PC. This feature can be used to