Configure to use Apple wireless keyboard on iPad


Apple iPad has on-screen keyboard to facilitate typing routine. However, if you already own Apple Wireless keyboard – then you can configure it for use with iPad. You need to enable bluetooth on iPad in order to use Apple Wireless keyboard for typing routine instead of using the default on-screen keyboard on iPad.

Enable Bluetooth for Wireless keyboard on iPad

1. Select ‘Settings’ on iPad home screen.

2. Then under ‘General’ option select ‘Bluetooth’ on the right column.

3. Tap on Bluetooth option to turn it ON. Apple Wireless keyboard should appear under detected devices. Once it shows ‘connected’ status, you can use Apple Wireless keyboard on your iPad.

Please note, the on-screen keyboard on iPad will vanish while you are using wireless keyboard. You need to turn OFF and disable bluetooth to get back the default on-screen keyboard on iPad screen.



  1. How do you hit “send” while texting with this keyboard

  2. Chris in CA says

    Tip! You can also press the eject key on the apple wireless keyboard to bring up the on screen keyboard if you news it to make a momentary appearance for some reason..

    • Awesome! Thanks for posting the tip.

      The only problem I have is that if the keyboard is in my office, and I’m in the living room, I am still within bluetooth range.

      Hopefully Apple will add some type of hot switch at the top of the screen to manually bring up the keyboard.

      • or you can jus turn off the bluetooth when ur not using it, saves battery and is smarter

      • Instead of disabling the Bluetooth you can press and hold the power button on the top right of the keyboard for 3 seconds and it will disable or unsync the keyboard. To resync just tap the same button.

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