Calculate mortgage, lease & mileage in Windows 7 calculator

Calculator on Windows 7 operating system can perform lot of funtions besides the default mathemetical calculations. You can use it as handy tool for calculating mortgages, vehicle lease and fuel economy (mileage). These are in-built advance features of Windows 7 calculator which can be

Ways to measure Cost of server Downtime

Imagine this workplace scenario. You are typing away on your computer, and you suddenly lose access to the main system that holds your work data. You try rebooting, but nothing works. Then, other people approach you and ask if you are able to connect to the server. Suddenly, you see the

View calculation History in Windows 7 Calculator

Unlike previous versions of Windows, calculator application in Windows 7 has lot of additional features and functionality. While performing multiple calculations, you may want to look back at previous data of calculations. You can easily do this using 'History' feature of calculator

Measure distance on Google Maps

Do you want to measure distance between locations on Google Maps? This can be easily done using "Distance Measurement Tool" on Google Maps. It allows you to calculate and measure distance between specified cities, towns or places marked on Google Maps. You can get final distance in desired

Calculate LCM, HCF, GCD of numbers online

For starters, LCM stands for Least Common Multiple while HCF stands for Highest Common Factor and GCD stands for Greatest Common Divisor. These are important terms used in mathematical calculation of numbers. Are you looking for LCM / HCF online calculators for quick and easy calculation

Calculate number of days between two dates

At times, simple dates calculation can result in heavy mind exercise. You can easily take help of computer and internet for accurate days - date calculation. There are number of online and offline ways to calculate number of days between two specific 'start' and 'end' dates. You can also

Simple math Calculator in Chrome

Do you perform lot of calculations while surfing internet in Google Chrome browser? Now you can get simple yet stylish looking calculator within Chrome browsing window. It allows you to perform basic mathemetic calculations at a click of a button. It even works when there is no internet

Count key press of specific keys on keyboard

Do you want to know, which keys were pressed how many times on the keyboard? Keeping track of this manually is very difficult and time consuming routine. You can automatically count and keep track of specific keys press using free utility 'Key Counter'. It can track specific user defined

Calculate Word frequency [number of repeating words]

Do you want to calculate "number of times" same word appear in a text document? Word Frequency Counter is a cool tool to calculate word frequency from given text quickly. On the click of a button, it shows frequency listing of each word and number of times it has been repeated in the

Calculate Aspect Ratio of monitor screen display

"Ratio of the physical picture width to the picture height" is called as the aspect ratio. With different type of display screen sizes like widescreen, square and more screen resolution options - width and height of screen display tend to vary from one user to another (as per use

Calculate bitrate to encode video & make AVCHD Disc

Want to know the bitrate of a media file before making a disc? AVCHD Calculator is a free cross platform tool that allows you to calculate bitrate. You can easily know the bitrate and later encode video or even make a AVCHD Disc. It supports bitrate calculation with subtitles and is

See Age, Sun sign & Chinese Year for Date of Birth

Are you too old / young to calculate your age figure accurately? Like many of us, sun sign identification is too confusing process? Small portable tool "Age difference" can tell such information for any "Date of Birth" without causing too much strain on thinking brain. Besides age and sun