Typewriter sound at key press on PC keyboard

Do you love the "tick tick" sound while using a typewriter? Get the old style typewriter sound while using new style computer keyboard using 'Qwertick'. It is a free portable utility that adds typewriter tick sound to your PC keyboard. So at every key press on the keyboard you will listen

Live Typing show typed text as animated image

Do you want to record text being typed and flaunt it as an animated image? LiveTyping is a perfect way to do so in few simple clicks. Just click the start button and start typing any text. Click enliven button and your typed text will be ready for download in the form of animated GIF image

Give your Keyboard different Sounds with ClicKey

Newer keyboard as very sleek does not make any noise on key press. In case you are missing the days of clanky keyboards and would like an audible indication when keyboard's keys are pressed, then grab Clickey utility. It is a small (42Kb) standalone utility that does not require