Fix red eye, enhance, rotate & crop photos on iPad

iPad now has in-built tools for basic image editing and photo enhancement after iOS 5 update. In few taps you can remove red eye from photos and improve photo quality using enhance option. You can also perform photo editing routines like rotating photos or cropping some part of the image

Make passport size photos online

Ideally one would go to a professional photographer to get photo clicked for passport purpose. If you have a digital camera and active internet connection - why not click passport photo for free? Each country has different specifications for the size of passport photograph, background

Add Halloween effects to photos online

Halloween is around the corner and you can easily get into Halloween spirit on the computer. Add scary Halloween effects to images of your friends, relatives online in few simple clicks. Make your photos look crazy this Halloween using Google's online image editor 'Picnik' Halloween

Remove objects from photos online

There are number of ways to delete and remove unwanted objects from images. Content aware filter feature in Photoshop CS5 is an advanced and refined way to remove objects in a photo. Majority of users do not have time to learn expertise to use Photoshop. Fortunately, you can perform same

Create ‘Face movie’ from photos in Picasa

There are number of tools to quickly generate videos from collection of photos. You can make more creative movies focusing on face of person from photos (also called Face movie) using Picasa desktop software. In the movie, photo transition happen keeping focus on the face of the person in

Sort images by size, resolution & aspect ratio

If you have lot of images on computer, sorting and organizing them can be a big task. Do you want to automatically sort images based on image size, resolution dimensions and aspect ratio? Doing it manually can take lot of effort and time. However, you can automate this process by batch

Create Facebook avatar photo online

Besides uploading and downloading photos from Facebook, a unique avatar photo is a must routine for any Facebook user. With limited image editing skills of majority of users, even such "not so difficult" task can become difficult at times. You can easily upload any image and edit it to fit

Create HD video from images with PhotoFilmStrip

Majority of people click photos using digital camera and mobile phones. Want to render your photos a motion in HD format? Photo Film Strip is a free tool that allows you to create cool video from bunch of images stored on your computer. It has simple interface and has right balance to

Edit Facebook photos online with Picnik app

Besides the textual interaction via chat, walls posting, Facebook users share tons of photos each day. There are number of ways to upload photos via  email and organize them in proper galleries. No wonder Facebook hosts more photosthan even a top dedicated image hosting website. If you are

How to check DPI value of image

DPI stands for dots per inch. This value is more associated with videos and has indirect reference for images in terms of their horizontal and vertical image resolution. DPI value of an image is important parameter of any photographer or user. You can easily check and find the DPI of image