Windows7 like Wordpad with Ribbon UI for XP & Vista


There is still time for Windows7 stable and official launch but curiosity is dishing out applications to relish probable Windows7 features in Windows XP and Vista. We have already seen cool ‘Aero shake’ feature of Windows7, which can be easily added to your Windows XP and Vista computer.

Here comes jazzed up Wordpad2009 that can give ‘complex’ to Wordpad of Windows7. It is all free for download and use on your Windows XP and Vista computer. It is loaded with impressive list of features with ever so noticeable ‘Ribbon like’ user interface at the top. Features include:

  • Drag and dropped text files open in a new tab.
  • All new Windows 7 Icons.
  • Preview of fonts in font selection box.
  • Drag and dropped pictures go into active tab.

Hang on, Wordpad 2009 can do one thing that Windows7 Wordpad cannot – the ability to edit multiple documents in tabs. Download Wordpad2009 and test drive in spirit of Windows7 – maybe!



  1. ImadeSumadiyasa says

    link is broken

  2. @AnandK
    Thanks for the appreciation!

  3. Its a nice blog full of useful stuff, that you have here :) Cheers !

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