Windows 7 release launch date – October 2009 ?


windows7-fishUPDATE – Launch Date confirmed as Oct 22, 2009

Microsoft has not confirmed official release launch date of Window7  OS but giving pointers to early 2010 launch. However, Acer is confirming Windows7 launch date as 23 October 2009. Considering positive response to Windows 7 and falling profits – Microsoft might just launch Windows 7 early to shore up sales (and profits).

“23rd October is the date the Windows 7 will be available. There is a 30 day upgrade time so that customers don’t wait to buy a new computer, so if you buy during that 30 day period, you’ll get a free upgrade to Windows 7”, Bobby Watkins, Acer’s UK MD told Pocket-lint [via].

With Windows 7 release candidate available on MSDN and TechNet site (available to public in a week’s time), above may become official soon. Many Windows users are looking forward to Windows7 – it for sure is better than Vista. In the meantime, relish Fab 5 Windows7 features in Vista / XP.



  1. Maybe it is time to think about Mac. Sick of endless change. Just getting used to Vista. How much software is going to need replacing with 7?

  2. Agree with the last reply. I am also bypassing vista, but not sure I will get windows 7, or maybe I quitting windows altogether..

  3. Transcontinental says

    My birthday is 31st of October , what a pleasant coincidence :)
    I am of those who will switch from XP to Seven after having bypassed Vista. I truly think Seven will have the fabulous adventure of XP, enhanced. Really looking forwards to that !

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