Install Android OS on iPhone with iPhodroid

Apple is known to be restrictive on which software can be installed on its products. While we can install Windows and Linux on Apple products, same is not as easy for installing Android operating system on iPhone device. iPhodroid makes this complex looking routine easy and helps install

Install Windows XP using bootable USB drive

Is your genuine Windows CD over-scratched? Does your CD-Rom take too much time for reading the disk? Here is the finest way to eliminate the use of Genuine Windows XP CD again and again by replacing the same with the USB dongle which can me made bootable and put into use for the

Buy Windows 7 ‘Guide’: features, price & more

Windows 7, the latest operating system offering from Microsoft should be available for purchase (download & install) in few hours as we reach the official Windows 7 Launch date. Existing Windows XP and Vista users can either upgrade to Window 7 or buy full retail Window 7 OS media

Download Google Chrome Operating System, unofficial version

Google is building an operating system around the framework of Google Chrome browser. This announcement made lot of buzz and fake Google Chrome operating system started to appear. While official Google Chrome OS release will take lot of time to materialize, here is unofficial Google Chrome

Download new Snow Leopard desktop wallpapers [OSX 10.6 photos]

Bundled desktop images of upcoming version of operating system releases always cause excitement and urge for quick download. We have already seen loads of Windows 7 OS official desktop wallpapers download and here something similar for new release of Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 Related:

Online operating system within Web browser: Windows4all

We have already seen Ghost virtual online operating system, Windows4all is similar online OS powered by Microsoft Silverlight technology. Within web browser, you can access and get feel of an operating system. It has Windows Vista like feel complete with Orb start button and fully loaded

Install Google Android operating system on computer

Google Android is an operating system for mobile platform like G1, HTC Hero etc. Do you want to give Google Android a try, but don't feel like buying a T-Mobile G1? Well, now you can test drive Google Android on your computer using Live Android CD. LiveAndroid project allows you to

Google Chrome OS, operating system by Google !

Things might get real hot between Microsoft and Google in coming months. While Microsoft is trying hard to Bing Bing Google Search market share, Google is planning to hit Microsoft where it might hurt most. Microsoft is leader in operating system market with Windows series and newer

Windows 7 Launch date out – Oct 22, 2009

Oct 23, 2009 was speculated date for the official release of Windows 7. Microsoft has confirmed the official date very close to speculated date - Oct 22, 2009 is the day Windows 7 should hit stores for immediate purchase. OEM manufacturer will get access to Windows 7 little earlier to

Check fonts, printer, keyboard for Euro symbol support

Do you want to check if Euro symbol is supported by fonts installed on the computer? EuroCheck is small utility that does this quick check in few simple clicks. It also check printer, keyboard and operating system on the computer for the Euro symbol support. It is a standalone

Windows 7 release launch date – October 2009 ?

UPDATE - Launch Date confirmed as Oct 22, 2009 Microsoft has not confirmed official release launch date of Window7  OS but giving pointers to early 2010 launch. However, Acer is confirming Windows7 launch date as 23 October 2009. Considering positive response to Windows 7 and falling

View detailed system information (hardware & usage)

At times we need to access and view detailed information about different components in the computer. Just like utility to see complete list of drivers on the computer, here is another cool utility to see loads of information about your computer. Auslogics System Information utility provide