Install Android OS on iPhone with iPhodroid


Apple is known to be restrictive on which software can be installed on its products. While we can install Windows and Linux on Apple products, same is not as easy for installing Android operating system on iPhone device. iPhodroid makes this complex looking routine easy and helps install Android OS on iPhone.

iPhodroid for Android on Apple iPhone

Basic features include: 2G \ 3G support, install / uninstall, choose the kernel, MD5 checker and more. As per developer, “… this software transfers all the files necessary to run Android on your iPhone and keeps your device on SAFE with your iPhone Operating System running and working on fine. Also, you can play around inside the Utility section which allows you to change files from different dev communities.”

If you love to experiment, an Android fan who use iPhone – iPhodroid can be perfect companion to kickstart easy Android OS install on iPhone. Note: We have not tested this, use discretion. Alternatively, you can also test installing Android OS on PC using Live Android CD.


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