Download Google Chrome Operating System, unofficial version


Google is building an operating system around the framework of Google Chrome browser. This announcement made lot of buzz and fake Google Chrome operating system started to appear. While official Google Chrome OS release will take lot of time to materialize, here is unofficial Google Chrome OS version to get taste of things instore.


Features of Unofficial Google Chrome OS

1. It is built around Google Chrome web browser.
2. Involves a lightweight Linux distribution for best browsing experience.
3. It has GNOME 2.24 desktop environment.
4. It includes 3.0 office suite.
5. Also includes Flash Player 10.0 plugin & much more.


Download is available is ISO format which can be burnt on a dics and used for installation. It is also available in VMDK format, which require VMware Player or VirtualBox to work. Download Unofficial Google Chrome OS, it may not appeal to users not attracted to Linux interface.



  1. Hi jabir
    Use the following username and pasword.

    username : user
    password: root

  2. hi my name is jabir
    plz help me
    google os instalation login name & password

  3. This is FAKE..!!

    This OS is not from Google.
    Look at the download link :***********/

    This fake OS is posted through the site developing service provided by Google [], so site contains ‘’ in its URL address, which may cause inexperienced users to think that this is from Google.

    You can see this notice at the download page of this fake site [in very small fonts]

    “Chrome OS is not related to Google. Service provided by SUSE Studio. See the license.”

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