Google Chrome OS, operating system by Google !


Things might get real hot between Microsoft and Google in coming months. While Microsoft is trying hard to Bing Bing Google Search market share, Google is planning to hit Microsoft where it might hurt most. Microsoft is leader in operating system market with Windows series and newer version Windows 7 all set to launch.

google-chrome-os-announcementWhile this may take lot of time to materialise, Google has made a beginning with announcement of operating system by Google called as “Google Chrome OS“.

It will be an open source and lightweight operating system that is initially be meant for netbooks to be available in second half of year 2010. Some Key features may include:

1. Speed, simplicity and security are key aspects of Google Chrome OS.
2. It will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips, in talks with multiple OEMs.
3. It will be like a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel.
4. It is separate from Android for mobile & will cater to netbooks, desktops.

Official blog post has clearly spelt out Google’s intentions to storm the operating system market. Even though this may take time (like about 1-3yrs from now), this for sure will make Microsoft uncomfortable and Google all geared up for something new. Waiting…



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