Track & check Google Pagerank of multiple websites from desktop


For starters: Google Pagerank (from 0 to 10) is qualitative estimate of a website content. There are number of online tools to check pagerank of any website. PaRaMeter is a download-able utility that allow checking of Google Pagerank of multiple website URLs from desktop. Here are simple steps to get going:


1. Download & install PaRaMeter utility on computer.
2. Launch or open the utility.
3. Type website URL and click + sign
4. Repeat step 3 to add multiple website URLs.
5. Click the play sign to see pagerank of added websites.

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Besides checking pagerank of multiple websites, you can export the final data to a CSV file (goto to menu option Project > Export to CSV). To refresh pagerank information of websites, goto menu option Project > Update PR. It also allows you to extract URLs from specific website URL, just goto Tools > Extract URLs. Grab this cool utility to keep track and check of pagerank information of multiple websites!


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