Google PageRank, Alexa rank Firefox plugin

Google Page rank and Alexa rank are important metrics to check quality of website or blog URL. You can easily check of these parameter while browsing websites in Firefox using "Search Status" plugin. It can also see Complete Rank and Moz Rank of any URL on the right side of Firefox status

Check PageRank, Outlinks & Inlinks of blog / website

Are you looking for easy to use way to check PageRank & related details of your blog or website? Portable tool WebSeoAnalyzer makes this all easy and quick. It neatly show only the relevant information of Pagerank of specific website or blog URLs. You can analyse further to see

Track & check Google Pagerank of multiple websites from desktop

For starters: Google Pagerank (from 0 to 10) is qualitative estimate of a website content. There are number of online tools to check pagerank of any website. PaRaMeter is a download-able utility that allow checking of Google Pagerank of multiple website URLs from desktop. Here are simple

Google Chrome extension to check Page Rank

Extensions are finally rolling out for Google Chrome web browser. We have already seen bookmarklet javascript to see page rank of any webpage being viewed in Google Chrome. Now you can see the page rank information for any webpage at the bottom-left part on the status bar using Chrome

Get Pagerank change alerts of multiple URLs in Email

We have already seen ways to get alerts for stories related to any keyword or alerts for new Youtube videos of your interest. Here is similar web service 'PageRankAlert' for receiving alerts of pagerank changes of any website or URL. It is a simple and free web service that send alerts via

Microsoft BrowseRank Head on with Google PageRank

Till now Google PageRank is considered key parameter to ascertain importance of a webpage / website. Higher the PR (pagerank) higher is relative importance of web pages and higher placement in Google Search results. While Alexa is wayward and Google PR getting brick bats for link