Update Chrome OS software on Chromebook

Unlike Windows, Chromebook makes Chrome operating system updates routine easy and quick. Ideally, over a period of time computer slows down. But Chromebook features has impressive listing of auto updating Chrome operating system on Chromebook devices. New updates are installed seamlessly

How to use Google Talk on Chrome OS notebook

Google launched Samsung and Acer made ChromeBook notebooks (netbooks) powered by Chrome operating system. It promises hassle free working using applications while connected to the internet. Google Talk (Gtalk) is an effective way to stay in touch with friends in online world on usual

ChromeBook features with Chrome operating system

We are so use to desktop computers with Windows, MAC or Linux operating systems and same is true for laptops. However, there is new breed of strip down laptops meant primarily for web use called netbooks. Even netbooks come preloaded with desktop experience through custom Windows operating

Give Google Chrome Style & Look to Windows XP

We have already seen easy way to give Google Chrome OS look to Windows XP computer. kanttii at DeviantArt has modified existing user style with all new look and elements. Overall look is very similar to Google Chrome style with dash of Vista glitz gloss. It has neat dialog boxes and other

Download Google Chrome Operating System, unofficial version

Google is building an operating system around the framework of Google Chrome browser. This announcement made lot of buzz and fake Google Chrome operating system started to appear. While official Google Chrome OS release will take lot of time to materialize, here is unofficial Google Chrome

Tranform XP to look like Google Chrome OS with free theme

Google Chrome operating system announcement made lot of buzz recently. While official Google Chrome OS release is still few months or years away, here is a free XP theme for some Google Chrome OS play on your Windows XP computer. Chrome XP V4 is a free theme that transforms your Windows XP

Google Chrome OS, operating system by Google !

Things might get real hot between Microsoft and Google in coming months. While Microsoft is trying hard to Bing Bing Google Search market share, Google is planning to hit Microsoft where it might hurt most. Microsoft is leader in operating system market with Windows series and newer