Google Search cool Tips & tricks on one page


Bing is hogging the limelight for being “the cool search engine”. Well, Google isn’t far behind – it got all the features and resources (minus looks). Ideally we just type a keyword, hit the search button and let Google show up relevant search results. Besides searching for usual stuff, there is lots more stuff we can use Google for. Now, Google has dedicated page explaining basic cool tips and tricks of using Google search (what else?)


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You can use Google to search for latest weather, local businesses, unit conversion, movie timings, sport score, flight tracker, dictionary, time, stock quotes, calculator, earthquakes, currency conversion, fill in the blank, shipment tracking, area codes, public data. If you have not used Google for either of above, hop onto this webpage and see details (or view related video) on how to get going. Google for sure is cool, any questions?



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