Bing search homepage photos, browse full collection


Bing Search website opens up with a fresh background photo daily. While Bing search results may not be that cool, background photos are for sure very cool. We have already seen method to copy and download those cool looking Bing homepage wallpapers. If you are still missing the daily fill of vintage Bing search homepage photos, checkout collection at BingHomepages.


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Website has screenshot of Bing homepages from the launch day. You can browse Bing photos date-wise with complete description of photo gracing Bing Homepage. Bing Homepages is another cool resource for Binger to bump into. If you want Bing photos without the Bing logo and search bar – read this guide, quick and easy! [Thanks Michael]

UPDATE – There is another Bing Homepage photos collection at istartedsomething, checkout Bing Image Archive – very neat and tasty downloadable Bing images!



  1. Richard Lambert says

    I have Windows 8 and I’d like to save some of the 9/11 pictures on bing to use as a background on my computer. Also to keep some on my computer to show my grand children what happened on that awful day. I see there are many picture on Bing of the planes flying into the Trade Center. Is it ok if I would put some on my computer. I never want anyone to forget.

  2. I have been trying to download the calander of photos to my homepage that I had on my old pomputer and I cant get the job done. HELP

  3. like to get the picture ythat ws in bing a water fall , coming out of a mout with nose and eyes , mmade on the mountains was taken of two days ago

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