Extract picture JPEG from Word document

Do you want to extract photos embedded in a Word document and save as JPEG image file?  This can be done in number of ways. A Word document may contain one or more images in a document file. You can copy and extract pictures manually or use free utility programs for extraction of images

Free Video Screenshot capture software: SceneGrabber

Do you want to quickly capture and save screenshots from a video? Scene Grabber is a free and easy to use video screenshot capture software. You can manually grab image frame from any part of the video or switch to automatic mode for auto-capture. It also allows you to create image sheet

Capture Screenshot images from FLV Youtube video

Do you want to capture still images from a FLV Youtube video? Flapture is a free Adobe Air program that makes this all easy and quick. You can load and play any FLV Youtube video in this program, pause the video and capture screenshot of that moment. To get started, you need to have FLV

Capture & extract image frames from video file

Do you want to capture image frame from your favorite video? X2X Video capture is a free software to extract image frames from any video on the fly. Just open and play any video in this application, then click the capture button to get image frame at specific time in the video. You can

Batch download photos from webpages with Open Image portable downloader

OpenImages is a handy portable tool to quickly download photos from any webpage. Just provide URL of any webpage and this tool will batch download all detected photos from that webpage in a specific folder. It automatically opens folder with downloaded images, after the download is

Bing search homepage photos, browse full collection

Bing Search website opens up with a fresh background photo daily. While Bing search results may not be that cool, background photos are for sure very cool. We have already seen method to copy and download those cool looking Bing homepage wallpapers. If you are still missing the daily fill

How to download old Bing homepage wallpaper photos?

Bing decision search comes with lot of features we have already seen and discussed. It comes loaded with glitzy wallpaper everyday. Wallpapers are so good that you might have been tempted to download them to grace your desktop screen. To get started with download process, you need to open

Extract image frames & take screenshots from video

Do you want to automatically extract image screenshots from a video? Free Video to JPG Converter application makes this process involving few simple clicks. It allows you to extract frames from any selected video at selected interval of time. To get started, select the input video file in

View & save images, links, email ID from any website

We have already seen File2HD online service to quickly download files from any website. Xsite utility does similar without you having to open web browser. Just enter URL or website address and hit the enter key. You will get list of weblinks, images and email address associated with

Download audio, video, image files from any website

You have stumbled on a webpage with very attractive photo but due to CSS protection or other means you are unable to download that photo. Similarly, you went to a video website and looking for ways to download that video you just watched. File2HD is a dead simple web service to download

Download & Save all images on a webpage

So you have opened a webpage with loads of images that should be copied. Now begins the tiring process of manually copying and saving each image on a webpage. Hang on - there is better, faster and easier way to do so using 'Save Images' Firefox extension. Using this, you can download and

Grab & Copy favicon of any website with GetFavicon

We have seen ways to create favicon or access huge online collection of favicons. Here is another way to get favicon and that also of your favorite website or blog. GetFavicon web service allows you to grab and copy favicon of any website. Just enter the website URL and click on