Convert Webpage into Image (to PDF) in Firefox

pdfit is a useful Firefox extension to convert current webpage into an image format (JPEG or PNG). You can later convert this image into PDF format. There are number of options to configure during page to image conversion. You can apply some image filters like emboss, rotate, reflection

How to transfer photos from Picasa to Flickr & so on?

There are number of cool photo storage and sharing services like Flickr, Picasa Web, SmugMug, Zoomr and many more. Traffering photos from one photo service to another can be a big task if you have loads of images to handle. Ideally, one would download photos on local computer and

AvaCam Capture Stills from Webcam, Easy & Simple

AvaCam is a handy application to get more out of your webcam with relative ease. It is a full featured WebCam tool to view your WebCam(s) or whatever video device connected to your computer. It has easy to use interface to view and manipulate video captured by your webcam. It allows you

How to create Contact Sheet Index of images ?

Need to create Contact Sheet index of images for a quick preview to a client or friend? There is manual way of creating small (thumb) images of each image and arranging them together using applications like PhotoShop. But, this will take too much time and effort.

How to Copy or Extract Images from a PDF File ?

Just received a PDF file loaded with images that you need to copy and save separately? Trying the usual copy paste routine? But it does not seem to work with a PDF File! No worries, you can easily copy or extract images from any PDF File without much fuss. Here is the simple