Free Video Screenshot capture software: SceneGrabber


Do you want to quickly capture and save screenshots from a video? Scene Grabber is a free and easy to use video screenshot capture software. You can manually grab image frame from any part of the video or switch to automatic mode for auto-capture. It also allows you to create image sheet containing different screenshots.

Besides capturing frames, it can add to the single JPG image information like moviename, resolution, codec-info, movielength and time of screenshot creation. You can drag drop to arrange among series of captured screenshots.


It supports batch mode for capturing frames from a video. It has HD movie support and even works fine on Windows 7 operating system. Download SceneGrabber software for easy and quick screen capture and saving of video frames as images. Try Flapture for capturing images from Youtube videos.



  1. There is a program that I use
    U can try it too ..
    I take a lot of screen shots using it , I also can take continuous screen shot automatically . There is an option for setting the program to keep taking a screen shot after a period of time
    u can download it here :-

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