Create ‘Face movie’ from photos in Picasa

There are number of tools to quickly generate videos from collection of photos. You can make more creative movies focusing on face of person from photos (also called Face movie) using Picasa desktop software. In the movie, photo transition happen keeping focus on the face of the person in

Create HD video from images with PhotoFilmStrip

Majority of people click photos using digital camera and mobile phones. Want to render your photos a motion in HD format? Photo Film Strip is a free tool that allows you to create cool video from bunch of images stored on your computer. It has simple interface and has right balance to

How to Join 001, 002, 003 video file parts

Big video files are broken or split in smaller parts and then uploaded on free online file hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megashare and so on. Have you download video file parts like 001, 002 and looking for way to play those videos files? Before the playback, you need to join all

Rotate videos online without any software install

Do you want to rotate a small video file? We have already seen a Free Video Flip & Rotate software for rotating any video file. You can also do this online without having to install any software at website. It allows rotating small video files upto 2MB of formats like:

Free Video Screenshot capture software: SceneGrabber

Do you want to quickly capture and save screenshots from a video? Scene Grabber is a free and easy to use video screenshot capture software. You can manually grab image frame from any part of the video or switch to automatic mode for auto-capture. It also allows you to create image sheet

Edit SWF flash movie file frames with SWF modify

SWF Flash movie files are relatively difficult to create (for armatures) and editing them is even more difficult. Free program "SWF Modify" allows you to edit Flash SWF file with ease. It allows you to modify and edit frames contained in a SWF flash movie file. You can preview play the

Capture Screenshot images from FLV Youtube video

Do you want to capture still images from a FLV Youtube video? Flapture is a free Adobe Air program that makes this all easy and quick. You can load and play any FLV Youtube video in this program, pause the video and capture screenshot of that moment. To get started, you need to have FLV

Rotate MJPEG videos by 90 degrees

We have already seen cool free program to flip or rotate videos. MJPEG Lossless Rotate is another similar program specifically for MJPEG videos created using digital cameras. It allows you to rotate digital camera videos made in portrait mode by 90 degrees. Use MJPEG Lossless Rotate

Add special effects to video calls in Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger 10 beta version is loaded with lot of features like full screen video calling. You can spice up video calls made using Yahoo Messenger by adding cool effects like changing color, adding different elements. Popular webcams come bundled with free software that lets you add

See details of Mp4 file with Mp4 Explorer

Do you want to see finer details of a Mp4 file? Mp4 Explorer utility makes this all easy. Just load any Mp4 in this utility to see detailed information of selected mp4 file like version, compatibility, coding, flags, duration, time scale, tracks, smaple count and much more. It is a handy

Convert Subtitles of YouTube, Google Videos to SubRip (.srt) format

Majority of us love to watch online videos at Youtube and Google Videos. Google2SRT is a simple and very useful utility for subtitles conversion of online videos at Youtube and Google Videos. This utility can convert subtitles to SubRip (.srt) format, which is recognized by majority of

Merge & Join multiple VOB video files

We have already seen way to convert VOB files into common format like AVI, FLV, WMV etc. Before such conversion, if multiple VOB files are bugging you - how about merging them? VOB Merge is a free utility that allows you to merge and join multiple VOB files into a single file. Merge VOB