Rotate videos online without any software install


Do you want to rotate a small video file? We have already seen a Free Video Flip & Rotate software for rotating any video file. You can also do this online without having to install any software at website. It allows rotating small video files upto 2MB of formats like: AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, WMV or MP4.

Upload & Rotate videos online

1. Open RotateVideo online tool website.
2. Click ‘Browse’ button to select video file on your computer.
3. Select the output video file format from dropdown menu.

4. Then select rotation direction.
5. Click Send file to rotate the video file.



  1. Jordan Man says

    Are you kidding me… only 2 MB???
    any video also more then that la…

  2. A max file size of 2 mb ? this is got to be a joke

  3. Max file size 2 mb ,only convert 5 seconds of movie LOL.

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