Flip & Rotate video with free editing software


Do you want to flip or rotate a video? “Free Video Flip and Rotate” is free video editing application that play your videos and allows you to flip / rotate them. In one single click you can rotate video to any direction (horizontal or vertical) and save the final flipped / rotated video. It has 7 pre-defined video flip / rotate presents.


Flip / rotate video presets

1. Rotate video 90 CW
2. Rotate video 180
3. Rotate video 90 CCW
4. Flip video horizontal
5. Flip video vertical
6. Flip video vertical and rotate 90 CW
7. Flip video vertical and rotate 90 CCW

Just click either of flip / rotate button and then click convert button. This application will process and save the final flipped or rotated video on your computer. Simple application for simple video flip or rotate editing – download Free Video Flip & Rotate [10MB]



  1. This software is very easy to use but when you rotate the video and save it, the audio becomes out of sync with where it should be in the video and ends up cutting some of the end audio off the video because the audio must be stretched a little.

  2. With rotatevideo.org you can do this online. But max. filesize is 2MB. But might be useful sometimes anyway.

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