How to shoot, record & upload 3D videos on Youtube?


youtube-logo-picYoutube introduced 3D videos which created buzz all around. Ever since, there has been confusion on how to create, upload and even watch 3D videos on Youtube. If you got pair of cameras and ready to spend some time trying to shoot 3D videos and here are simple pointers before you get into real action.

– Use two cameras arranged like a pair of eyes.
– Start both cameras recording simultaneously.
– In your video editing program, place the footage for the left and right eyes together in the frame side by side, with the right eye on the left and the left eye on the right.

Once you are done with recording of 3D video, its time to upload video on Youtube. After upload, make sure you tag video as yt3d:enable=true. If your final video is widescreen then add tag yt3d:aspect=16:9 (tags are added for Youtube team to identify and feature 3D videos in special 3D theme section on Youtube homepage). Here is small video preview:

If 3D video business looks all confusing head over to Youtube forum [via] for more details and discussion. 3D videos for sure will hook few users in trying to create cool videos in 3D managing multiple cameras, are you in?



  1. I have a 3D camera that shoots in 3d.How do I upload that.Please reply.Thanks.


    My videos are in 3D using this feature!

  3. Nice feature..will love to watch chhota chetan type movies on computer.

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