Create Awesome 3D Animated Avatars with Meez


Avatar is an icon that represents you on message boards, chat rooms, IM programs, 3-D chat rooms and virtual worlds. Most of us tend to use images of celebrities as avatars at different forums, boards and chat rooms.

Use of static images for avatars is passe, get animated avatars to flaunt that dynamic you. Head over to Meez that allows you to create cool 3D animated avatars in few simple clicks. Get started by selecting your gender and then you will see host of different avatar option on the screen. You can chose different attributes like facial marks, skin color, facial hair, eye color, nose shape and lots more.

There is more, after you select the look – chose on the dress you want to wear, type of animation and background type. You will need to register for free account to export and save your 3D avatar creations. Mind you, resultant avatars are very neat. Checkout Meez to create and flaunt your 3D animated avatars among your friends.

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